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Famous Craft Markets Around the World – Part 2

In part one of our journey to discover some of the very best craft markets in the world we traveled to France, Thailand and Turkey. In this blog we continue our search to discover even more gems that represent the best local societies make and sell. ChiChi – Guatemala Chichicastenago[…]

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Famous Craft Markets Around the World – Part 1

When visiting any new town or country, visiting a local market is a brilliant way of learning about the culture of the people that live there. Most local markets offer items that can only be found in that particular region, and often the fun of bartering and haggling is entailed.[…]

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The History of Maypole Dancing

Maypoles were first invented as a celebration, a celebration that winter was now over and summer had arrived, at the time there were many different forms of worshiping the changing of the seasons such as tree worship. In the 16th and 17th Centuries there is evidence that the trees cut[…]

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The Best Textile Artists – Part 2

Following on from our first blog looking at the best textile artists in the world, we look at more enterprising crafts people who are elevating the world of textiles into the higher echelons of art. For many years people working in the medium of textiles have been looked down upon[…]

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The Best Textile Artists – Part 1

Textiles has always been thought as a modern form of art, but if you stop to think of it the craft of weaving goes back nearly thirty thousand years. The art of textiles which embodies tapestries, weavings, carpets etc has really undertaken a massive recent renaissance. Modern textile artists have[…]

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The Difference Between Arts & Crafts

It is not a new question, what is the difference between arts and crafts? Debate on the subject has taken place for decades. But today’s modern craft movements have bought the question firmly into the spotlight. There has recently been an explosion of interest in craft around the world, including[…]

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