Body Art

Body Art: Conceptual Artists

Conceptual performers are another step forward in the extreme of art performances. Even Viennese shareholders, no matter how brave they were and how much attention they drawn, they still used fake blood and red paint in their performances, as well as the details of performances such as orgies and torture[…]

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contemporary art

Damien Hirst

The British painter and sculptor Damien Hirst is one of the greatest stars of contemporary art. His provocative works fetch the highest prices on the art market, so he is famous and successful. The most eye-catching works of this man are a diamond-studded skull and a tiger shark inlaid in[…]

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The Different Types of Chinese Arts & Crafts

China has been recognized as one of the first great civilizations of the Eastern world, long before many countries even existed in Western Europe. They rival the ancients Greeks for their great arts and crafts. And many innovate ideas culturally and physically emanated from the great dynasties of China. Their[…]

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How Arts and Crafts Reflect World Culture

When trying to understand the culture of another nation, a good place to start is to study their arts and crafts. The way different people make, design, and represent things says a great deal about them as a nation. From the very first cave paintings to the art of bonsai,[…]

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The Oldest Art Discoveries

To recognize what the first art discoveries were in the world we first have to understand who first called them art? Was it the people who made the art or historians hundreds of years later who decided to label it art. Art was different thousands of years ago to what[…]

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How to Start Glass-Blowing

When we talk about art forms, glass-blowing is rarely even mentioned, but it is one of the oldest and most unique forms of creating art that there is. Glass-blowing must also be one of the very coolest arts that is practiced. It is sheer theater, with roaring furnaces and molten[…]

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Traditional crafts that deserve a revival

We all live in the world of screens. Virtual life took over our everyday. But there is still something appealing in creating things with your own hands and using the methods that our ancestors used. Here is a list of a craft for you to try at home or take[…]

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Why DIY is good for you

World is full of technology and wonderful stuff; we do not need to think of where it comes from or how to do it. Granted, you can look up many interesting manufacturing facts on the internet, but there’s no replicating the feeling you get when making something with your own[…]

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The History of Japanese Art – Part 2

Japanese art has a rich history, over the centuries the Japanese way of painting used many techniques and styles that represented their culture and made Japan one of the most influential art producers of the world. Such a technique is sumi, which means ink picture. It is a combination of[…]

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The History of Japanese Art – Part 1

Arts and crafts in Japan has a wonderful history; like its culture, Japan has a vast tradition and many of its styles have been greatly influenced by the great Japanese artists. For many hundreds of years Japan was isolated partly due to its geographical position, but also because of its[…]

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