Why DIY is good for you

World is full of technology and wonderful stuff; we do not need to think of where it comes from or how to do it. Granted, you can look up many interesting manufacturing facts on the internet, but there’s no replicating the feeling you get when making something with your own two hands. Here are couple of reasons why do-it-yourself projects are good for your wellbeing.

It makes you put your technology away even for a short period of time. We are always on some kind of screen, computer, TV or phone. Focusing on manual tasks allows you to distance yourself from the various forms of media. It can be called “pulling the plug”. This can turn into a healthy habit, as even one time per week will make a huge difference.

When you complete manual task, it is different kind of satisfaction as compared to when you do it online. Remember when you finally built that shelf or finished painting the wall. Relief, isn’t it? You were putting something away for months and now finally did it. Accomplishment is the major key.

Carving out some time for ourselves and indulging in it can give you a great boost, it can provide inspiration and new ideas. This is the activity that brings more joy than stress and just creates positive feelings. Afterwards, you will feel fresh and will be more creative.

DIY makes you believe more in your strengths. If you like learning new skill by fixing something simple, such as a broken chair leg, it will increase your self-reliance and even save you up some money, as you won’t have to hire anyone for the job. This is a perfect bonding exercise and the skills are transferable; giving a child or yourself the independence to solve a problem on a practical level is a great gift.

Creating something from things that you have at home makes your life more sustainable. Recycling and reusing jars, boxes or leftovers is a great way to save money and create something new. As an example, you can make your own bath salts just from what you have in your kitchen or using the cleaning products, because those things are expensive and have harsh nasty chemicals in them. You can make your own clean version.

You can personalize things and give personal touch like adding initials on cups or painting furniture a different color. These things will be one of a kind and unique. You will always know that there is not the exact same item in the world.

Gardening is the perfect way for adults to unwind and for children to learn about responsibility by taking care of plants. Creating a watering schedule, looking after flowers, herbs or even growing a tree is the perfect lesson to show children that discipline is very important and them having something just for themselves will increase their sense of duty, which will be useful in their later years. Choose DIY project that makes you happy. It can be knitting, building, decorating. It will enrich your whole day and provide plenty of benefits for the whole household.